Upcoming Events

Due to COVID19 there are no in-person events planned. 

We will announce our next event here.


Past Events

SAATHI has held many events in the past including two free educational outreach programs every year, for many years to increase community awareness about DV and SA. Some notable events from the past are:

  • Monoacting play “Untitled” depicting impacts of abuse in women.
  • A play “Bitter Chocolate” depicting child abuse followed by an excellent panel discussion.
  • “Healthy Relationships for parents and teens” presented by Paula Steinberg from ABW
  • “Self Defense for personal and family safety” by Jose Rivera from Sho-Sin School of Martial Arts.
  • Movie “Hari Bhari” depicting cultural issues in DV.
  • “Courts and Domestic Violence” by Judge Steven Aronson
  • “Men against Domestic Violence” by Peter Navratil and Jack Brennick from ‘Stand Up Guys’.
  • Movie “Provoked” showing role of SADV organization in UK helping a DV victim in prison.
  • Legal issues in troubled relationships by Cindy Carroll and Sandra Chung from Legal Aid
  • Movie “Children we sacrifice” showing long-term effects of child sex abuse.

Walk with us down the memory lane of the past events. Enjoy the pictures from each event!