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May 3, 2014 - Saathi Banquet at the India Community Center at 2171 Monroe Wayne County Line Road, Macedon, NY 14502.

About Us




We are here to help South Asian women (women of Bangladeshi, Nepali, Indian, Pakistani, and Sri Lankan origin or descent) who are in an abusive relationship. When a victim of domestic violence, sexual abuse, dating violence or stalking calls Saathi for help, the counselors will offer informal peer counseling, provide options and important information to the victim and in case where there is a need, will provide referrals to the mainstream organizations appopriate for the victim. Since our counselors are sensitive to the culture of South Asian, they will be able to provide specific support that is needed at a time of crisis.





Our Mission

The mission of Saathi of Rochester is to work to empower women of South Asian origin who have experienced domestic violence, sexual abuse, dating violence or stalking, by providing numerous options, linking women with service providers and raising community education and awareness.


Our Vision

The vision of Saathi of Rochester is the prevention of domestic violence, sexual abuse, dating violence and stalking against women in the South Asian community.


Our Goals

The goals of Saathi of Rochester are providing survivor support, building collaborations with local programs and increase awareness through community education.




We are a group of dedicated volunteers who have undergone intensive 50-hour training by qualified professionals; to be certified as domestic violence counselors. Our volunteers come from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh , Sri Lanka and the U.S. and speak many languages of the South Asian region. We will stand by you, in your time of crisis and stress.

  • We are a non-profit, organization helping South Asian women in situations of domestic abuse including physical, verbal, economical and emotional, and/or sexual abuse and we are committed to the idea of preventing domestic violence.
  • We provide the victims with informal peer counseling and we assure full confidentiality. We will also provide referrals to mainstream organizations, and assist in full recovery and reclaiming your life back.
  • Our volunteers speak English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Urdu, Gorkhi, Punjabi and Gujarati.
  • We aim to increase awareness by community education and outreach through South Asian publications, display (flyers / brochures) at community functions, theatrical (dance/drama) performances on the topics of domestic violence, child abuse etc., with expert panelist to interact with audience participation.